15 Questions Every Person Asks When Joining a Small Group

Signing up for a group for the first time can be intimidating. As group leaders, it’s our job to help people feel comfortable attending group for the first time. Here’s an idea of what could be going through someone’s head after signing up for a group.

I just signed up for a group. Oh no, what did I just do? Should I go? Maybe I’ll start next week? What about next semester? I’ve never been in a group before and have no idea what to expect? Everyone’s going to know I’m new and I’ll probably do something stupid. Why am I so good at making myself look stupid? Oh look a kitty……wait, stay focused, what about this group thing? Am I sweating? Oh no, I’m going to show up the first night of group and everyone’s going to see me sweating. I can’t believe I just signed up for a group- what did I just do?

15 Questions Every Person Asks When Joining a Small Group 

  1. What’s going to happen next?
  2. Do they know I signed up? Is someone going to contact me?
  3. What’s going to happen at group?
  4. Will I like these people? (I’m nervous.)
  5. Will I be able to find the house?
  6. Where should I park?
  7. Should I knock, or walk right in the house? Should I take off my shoes?
  8. Do I need to bring anything?
  9. Should I eat before I come?
  10. What will happen with my kids?
  11. How much is babysitting?
  12. What if I don’t know enough of the Bible and I end up looking stupid?
  13. Will they put me on the spot to pray?
  14. What if these people are weird, will I be stuck?
  15. What time will this group be over?

What can you do to help people feel comfortable? 

  1. Contact people after they sign up for group.
  2. Explain to people what to expect.
  3. Welcome them warmly to group.

As group leaders, we know that something special happens when a group gets together and begins to grow together. But, it’s important to remember what it’s like for a person attending for the first time.

How it can feel to attend group for the first time:nailbitingsquirrelShy ronnieSnow Whitesweating

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