15 Great Worship Songs to Start Your Day

Every once in a while I’ll sit down and listen to some worship music. But, I’m always forgetting who plays the songs I like and I’ll ask our church’s worship leader, “Hey, who sings that song that goes, ‘Aaaaamen….’?” He usually tries but has trouble narrowing it down from the terribly sung one line or word I give him. So, I figured I’d make my list and share it, in case you’re also trying to find some songs to like. 

1. Hillsong- Born is the King

2. Gungor- Beautiful Things

3. Kristian Stanfill- Jesus Paid it All

4. Passion 2012- One Thing Remains

5. Chris Tomlin- Lord I Need You

6. Chris Tomlin- How Great is Our God

7. Passion ft. David Crowder- Here’s My Heart

8. The City Harmonic- Manifesto

9. Passion- White Flag

10. Hillsong- Mighty to Save

11. Matt Redman- 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)

12. Toby Mac- City on Our Knees

13. Chris Tomlin- God of This City

14. David Crowder Band- Come Thou Fount

15. Newsboys- You are My King

Below is a random list of other songs I’ve loved over the years. (It’s a little embarrassing) 

Some of my favorites growing up (don’t judge-lol):

Keith Green Phase (So sorry- dude’s got a high voice, but amazing lyrics):

And when I was a kid:



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