10 Simple Discipleship Questions

I’ve been meeting with a few guys recently and so wanted to come up with one good question we could discuss each week. I feel like we’ve had some amazing discussions thus far, discussing God and sharing our lives. I love that one question gives us freedom to talk about life. It feels natural and not like we’re trying to “check questions off a list.” Note: I do want to be honest that I just came up with these questions and I’m only a few weeks into using them. But, I thought I’d share my process in case it’ll be helpful to someone else.

10 Simple Discipleship Questions:
(You don’t necessarily have to go through the questions in order.)

1.  What is God’s ultimate goal for our life?
Mark 14:35-36

2. What is a Christian? Why are you a Christian?
Phil. 3:7-11

3. In what ways is God forming you into the image of Jesus right now?
Choose a story of Jesus and respond to it.

4. What does it mean to “grow in Christ”? Why should you want to “grow in Christ”?
John 17:3

5. How do we move from acting like a “spiritual child” to acting more like a “spiritual adult”?
1 Cor. 13:11

6. Where in your life is it hardest to trust Jesus?
Prov. 3:5-6, Ps. 125:1-2

7.  What  are you praying for right now? (talk about prayer)
Mat. 7:7-12

8. What do you like about God? (How many reasons can you come up with?)

9. How does God speak to us? How has He spoken to you this past week?

10. Talk about passion. What are you passionate about?
Col. 3:23

11. And beyond.… When you meet- respond to God’s Work in your life. Have the person you’re meeting with bring a question or scripture each week based on what God’s doing in their life.

Here’s a link with all kinds of amazing discipleship questions. 



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