Over 70 Game Ideas for Small Group (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Download over 70 ideas for small group games for free here–> Small Group Games

If you want to develop a small group that likes each other and feels comfortable sharing during discussion- you have to take time to play games. It’s nerve-wracking to walk into a strange person’s house for the first time.  You’re hoping they’re not a bunch of weirdos. The best way to “break the ice” is with a game of some sort. It doesn’t have to be complicated. For the first few weeks, in addition to a game I’ll have everyone go around and say their name and favorite toy growing up, or what super power they’d like to have, or the first ridiculous thing they’d buy if they won the lottery. As people share they laugh a little and realize they have more in common than they thought. This will lead someone to like their group and feel more comfortable sharing.

Note: I know some people will “get” the importance of games right away. Others of you think it’s stupid.  If you’re in that second group, please believe me when I say that doing a few “get to know you games” in the first few weeks of group will help them grow together faster and better than anything else you could do on your own!

Again, to help you get started with small group games, feel free to download a list of over 70 games you can play in small group. Click this link –> Small Group Games to download this list. ENJOY!

If you don’t already own it- buy Apples to Apples today.

apples to apples

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Catch Phrase

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Most Interesting Man

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