Movie Phrases to Use While Changing a Diaper

I can’t say for certain, but I think dads tend to approach diaper changing a little different than moms do. When it smells like there’s something “going on” down below, I’ll typically take the baby and try to “peak” for an initial assessment of the damage. Sometimes it’s minor and might only require 1 baby wipe. But, there are other times where the damage could only be described as “catastrophic”. These require 3-4 wipes and a possible clothing change. That’s the category I was dealing with this morning.IMG_0783

As I prepared for action I found myself counting to 3 and then saying out loud, “Let’s do this!” As I reflected on what just happened I wondered how many times I’ve spoken out loud seemingly classic action movie catch phrases before changing a diaper. I’ll call this the Action Movie Catch Phrase technique to Diaper Changing. Somehow saying, “Let’s do this!” out loud  gave me the the confidence I needed to rise to the occasion and do my duty and save our household from baby doody.  I’m quite sure, “Let’s do this!” is my typical go to phrase.

I feel like I need to expand my baby changing catchphrase vocabulary and I’d like to give some options to others dads out their trying to discover or expand their own catchphrase. So, to help everyone out, I’d like to share a few classic lines from action movies you can use before changing a category 5 diaper.

“Get off my plane!” (Air Force One)Get off my plane

“This is Sparta!” (300) This is sparta

“Welcome to Earth” (Independence Day) Independence Day

“I am the law” (Judge Dredd)I am the law

“I feel the need- the need for speed.” (Top Gun)top_gun_i_feel_the_need_the_need_for_speed

“You want a war? I’ll give you a war!” (Rambo) Rambo

“Game over man! Game over” (Aliens) Hudson's_Last_Stand

“Get to da Choppaaaaaaaa!” (Predator)predator

“Are you not entertained?” (Gladiator)russell-crowe

“Freeeeedom!” (Braveheart)braveheart
Maybe you have your own diaper-changing catch phrase. Feel free to share. Happy diaper changing everyone!


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