Things I Learned from Group Evaluations: Part 2

I feel like so often group leaders wonder, “Am I making a difference?”, “Does the investment I’m making in this group matter?” As I read through all the feedback from our fall Fuel Groups I can tell you the answer is overwhelmingly, “YES”!

I wanted to share a few things people said about groups, to help remind  our present group leaders, and future group leaders that helping people grow- matters. In fact, if anyone serves in an area and wonders if what they do matters- I think they should read this feedback and remember- people notice and are thankful for what you do, even if you don’t often get the “public pat on the back.”

What people said about group:

“This group got me reading the Bible.”
“Our group became like a family.”
“It was helpful to hear different people’s perspectives.”
“God was working on my heart this semester and this group made me ask good questions of myself.”
“Group was uplifting and helped me get closer to God again.”
“I appreciated the accountability that our group offered.”
“I felt like my voice was valued and appreciated.”
“I felt like I could be open and completely myself- with struggles and successes.”
“Our leader makes everyone feel comfortable.”
“I enjoyed being around people who had similar issues as me.”
“I loved how our group rallied around helping another family.”
“This group helped me realize that this is a church I want to be a part of.”
“I loved how friendly our group was.”

Over and over again people in groups mentioned how much they loved and appreciated their group leaders.

As we prepare to serve, especially as a Fuel Group Coach, I want to remind everyone that helping people grow matters! What is God going to do this semester?


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